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About Us

Raventalk is the voice of all people who care deeply for all life on the Earth. When we say "the Earth," we mean the people, the non-human creatures, the land, the water, the air, the rocks and trees and microbes that make up the web of life. Raventalk explores ways for us humans to live in harmony with all beings and with the ecology of this planet so that we can all thrive for many future generations.

We are two individuals living and working in partnership. We do not speak for any particular organization, but have great admiration and respect for many who work for a sustainable future. Along with the outreach work of Raventalk, we have a small fine press, Desert Rose Press, which offers letterpress and lithographic cards, broadsides and books which express our love for the Earth.

Earth Day 1990 marked the beginning of Desert Rose Press. For more than fifteen years the printed works of the press in books, broadsides, and cards express our passion for the craft of printing and bookmaking, and our greater vision of a healthy, peaceful Earth united in Spirit. This photograph is of one of the presses from our shop, a Chandler & Price platen press, dated about 1909.

Besides this website, one of our past Raventalk projects was producing backlit dioramas in airports to encourage people to visit our website, and to think more deeply about how we relate to our planet and the world we live in. Images of these dioramas are scattered among the pages of this website. You may have seen one in an airport in Denver, Dallas or Phoenix.

We invite you to explore this website, and let it introduce you to a variety of resources and ideas for living sustainably on Earth. We welcome hearing from you at: