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Super PACs are "...a horrible abomination for a freedom-loving people in a constitutional republic." These are the words of the head of a Super PAC (the organization that solicits and collects huge sums of private, corporate and special interest money to support candidates for office and elected officials). Private big money and special interests groups have always been able to stream money into the election of candidates. But ever the Supreme Court ruled in 2011 to support the notion that corporations are people (Citizens United v. FEC), the floodgates are now open for unlimited and obscene amounts of money to pour into the coffers of candidates. Candidates are obviously influenced by the generosity of their donors, and are expected to return the favor by supporting their specific interests. Admirable efforts have been made to regulate campaign contributions, but clearly there are plenty of loopholes to nullify those regulations. After Citizens United there are no regulations at all.

Our houses of government are realistically occupied by representatives of the super wealthy, big oil, agribusiness, drug, defense and insurance companies--the giants of industry. We did not elect these people. They do not represent the interests of the environment or 99% of us.

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So what's the solution? GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS! Imagine if every candidate for state and federal office received the same amount of government money-- something appropriate to the election--had the same access to media, and a fixed amount of time for campaigning. It would mean a very qualified candidate, who was not necessarily a millionaire, could put him or herself forward as a candidate for office whose main purpose was to serve The People.

How do we GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS? A number of solutions have been proposed: One is a constitutional amendment that would reverse Citizens United. This is a time-consuming and cumbersome process, yet it is the only process that will stop corporate and private money from buying-off our legislators. Move To Amend, and other Amendment proposals address only corporate money. The Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment the (ESRA, proposed by the Network of Spiritual Progressives) will also ban private money from elections.

How do we GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS? We citizens rise up and confront our elected officials. We face the reality of what our government has become. We make demands. We write letters. We sign petitions. We raise our voices. We occupy. We march. If enough of us do this, we could actually get our democracy back. Many groups have taken on this challenge of rebuilding our democracy. GO! GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!

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