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VICTORY! As of November 12, 2016, the White House says it will not try to pass the TPP during the lame duck session of Congress. The TPP is dead for now! FOR THE VERY LATEST UPDATES, please go to and visit the "inspired Action" section - What You Can Do.

BACKGROUND: President Obama and other leaders signed the TPP agreement on February 4, 2016 in New Zealand. Once the TPP is signed, it will still need to be ratified in each country within two years. Actions are planned all over the world. Go to Flush the TPP to find out where, and other ways to voice opposition. 1,500 organizations in the US representing a broad spectrum of people concerned about social and environmental justice have voiced their opposition to this deal.

On October 5, 2015, an "agreement in principle" was reached. Negotiators may have reached agreement, but that does not mean the process is complete. TPP is not a done deal until it is signed by heads of each country and and their respective legislatures agree to it. In the United States, both the House and Senate will have to vote on the TPP after a 60-day period of review during which the public is supposed to have access to the text of the agreement. The fight is still on! Tune into Flush The TPP to keep up with developments, actions, and protests. We all have to act together to stop this global corporate coup!

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a vast multination trade agreement, dwarfing NAFTA and CAFTA, which have sent US jobs overseas, decreased US wages and increased corporate power over our economy and government. President Obama is negotiating this trade deal behind closed doors, and is now pushing for “Fast Track,” which would force Congress to vote “Yes” or “No” with no chance to debate or amend the deal. Most legislators haven’t even seen this agreement.

Negotiated in secret this agreement has the potential to strike the final blow to local and national self-determination in the face of onslaught from the giant international corporations. For one thing, the agreement would give corporations the right to sue our government (any government) for passing laws that would threaten their expected profits—like environmental or worker protection laws.

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