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Books & Journals

Coming Back To Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World, by Joanna Macy with Molly Young Brown
If activism begins with ourselves, this book offers a series of exercises as a place to start, as well as a frank discussion of the roots of despair, fear and apathy.
Good News for a Change: How Everyday People are Helping the Planet, by David Suzuki & Holly Dressel
This book shows the positive side of the planetary movement toward sustainability, with stories of how real people, and real businesses, are making change for the health of the planet.
The Open Space of Democracy (New Patriotism), by Terry Tempest Williams
The questions Williams asks us are: What is the true nature of democracy and how do we support it? Can American-style democracy survive in its birthplace?
The Partnership Way, by Riane Eisler & Dave Loye
A practical study book for reorienting our thinking and practices from domination to partnership--in all of our relationships, from the personal to the planetary. A companion volume to The Chalice & The Blade, another Eisler book on partnership.
A Critique of Politics, Culture & Society. The wordy, but very perceptive and thoughtful journal is based on the mission of "tikkun: to mend, repair, and transform the world."
You will see links and references to Yes! Magazine in quite a few sections of our web site, because we follow many of the same areas of concern and activism. We feel it is definitely worthwhile subscribing.