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Shared Values - Common Dreams

It's important to remember that we actually do have some shared values and common dreams. It's easy to focus on what doesn't work, how different we are, how bad things have gotten. The media feeds on conflict and loves to describe any difference as "war." The media talks about the culture war, the war between red and blue states for example. But what if we also paid attention to the things we have in common, the things we agree on? Let's take values for starters. Here's a list we made up of values we think most people share:

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Honesty and Openness
Ecological Sensitivity
Respect & Care for all life

And here are some of our dreams that you might also have:

Equal Opportunity & Equal Protection for All.
Quality of Life: time for personal pursuits, family, friends, community,
creative work, recreation, fulfilling and meaningful employment, adequate income.
The same good and sustainable life for our kids and grand kids.
Personal Security.
Freedom and Liberty.
Healthy Environment and Environmental Security.
Peace, Nonviolence, Democracy.
A world where beauty, the arts, and music are considered essential to the human heart & spirit.

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In short, a world centered on people, not profits; on spiritual not financial values; on international cooperation not domination. We are more than just consumers supporting wealthy corporations; we are individuals, spiritual and human beings, family members, citizens...

There are numerous groups working to bring people together for common dreams and goals. We've noted a few of them.

Now What? Use these resources to learn more and work for change: