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Books & Journals

Alternative and Activist New Media, by Leah Lievrouw
This is an overview of how the explosion of access to digital media is being used to change methods of communication around the world. Written before the Occupy Wall Street movement, so stay tuned.
A Trumpet to Arms: Alternative Media in America, by David Armstrong
A history of radical and progressive publications in the US.
Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy, by Robert McChesney
An excellent short introduction to the need for media reform in the United States.
Information War, by Nancy Snow
Documents the close ties between intelligence agencies and a compliant media that is more interested in generating advertising revenues than meaningful debate, and shows how the Pentagon increasingly defines what gets reported.
The Progressive Guide to Alternative Media and Activism, edited by Project Censored
A resource for activists, this Open Media pamphlet provides contacts to alternative media organizations around the country.
You will see links and references to Yes! Magazine in quite a few sections of our web site, because we follow many of the same areas of concern and activism. We feel it is definitely worthwhile subscribing.
The online version of this crisp and provocative and usually humorous newsletter: it's worth subscribing to the paper edition. Every issue extends the clarion call: Do Something!
Covers a broad spectrum of under-reported political and environmental issues.
This venerable progressive weekly is most valuable for its columnists and regular contributors.