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Books & Journals

The One-Hour Activist, by Christopher Kush
Subtitled "The Fifteen Most Powerful Actions You Can Take to Fight for the Issues and Candidates You Care About." This book is a basic citizen lobbyist's guide, with the fundamentals of organizing community activist campaigns.
Tools for Radical Democracy: How to Organize for Power in Your Community, by Joan Minieri & Paul Getsos
This book is a resource tool for activists of all kinds, filled with specific how-to information.
A Call for Connection, by Gail Bernice Holland
We often feel despair because we can't see how isolated efforts toward planetary consciousness fit together. This book helps reveal the larger view of positive change; and it contains an extensive resource section for anyone wanting to get involved.
Don't Think of an Elephant, by George Lakoff
A primer for progressive activism. "Know Your Values and Frame the Debate."
Organizing for Social Change, by Kim Bobo, Jackie Kendall and Steve Max
For almost 30 years the Midwest Academy has been training activists in all venues. This is its training program in a book.
The Impossible Will Take A Little While, edited by Paul Rogat Loeb
A compelling, insightful collection of essays that are described as "a citizen's guide to hope in a time of fear." Among these writings hardworking activists may find true inspiration.
You will see links and references to Yes! Magazine in quite a few sections of our web site, because we follow many of the same areas of concern and activism. We feel it is definitely worthwhile subscribing.
The online version of this crisp and provocative and usually humorous newsletter: it's worth subscribing to the paper edition. Every issue extends the clarion call: Do Something!